Grace Weir
Future perfect
Photographic ink of differing lightfastness on photo paper, ongoing series, 2015 -
21cm x 29.7cm each

Future perfect is a series of paintings made using photographic retouching inks with differing states of lightfastness, some quite short and others a hundred years. The colours are individually named but the ones formed by the overlapping planes are not, seemingly overlooked in the process. Dated when the painting is initially made, the colours will be further dated as each colour gradually fades away at different times.

The grammatical term future perfect is most commonly used to describe an action that will have happened or will be finished by a specific point in the future - this work will be completed tomorrow. Both countering and echoing photography in the age of digitalization, different possible states of the work occur. At no point is there a resolved perfect image, just one at different stages. The material gives way to the temporal, time forms the work, freeing colour from the medium that holds sway over it.

Installation at 3 different nights, recurring at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, where each painting was hung at an incremental distance to the previous one.
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