Grace Weir
In the darkroom, the making of a document


Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

Keynote lecture/performance at the Im/Material conference at Chelsea College of Art and Design, considering the role of the archive in the creation, interpretation and preservation of culture.

Creating an unfolding record - the actual materialisation of a document - two Polaroid photographs taken, one of the audience and one of the speaker, visibly developed over the 45 minute duration of the lecture. The lecture considered the nature of time and photography and was centred around a screening of Darkroom.

“Earlier we made a decision, attempting to correlate the event here with images taken of the event. Currently we are still in the middle of this event, still talking, still here together, still in a netherworld of light and chemicals on paper that are still in process, still forming in this present, still making a document of an event that is still developing in time…”
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