Grace Weir

Performance-lecture with Jo Melvin, 13 October 2017
at Laure Genillard, London

Circumnavigating the particular ‘Möbius strip’ of exterior and interior spaces that surround the exhibition spaces at Laure Genillard Gallery, a walking performative lecture during the exhibition
Unfolded that staged an active darkroom.

"Jo: …outside the gallery into an in between space, to the edge of the property an architectural awkwardness within the of layered levels, intersections and unexpected corners, forgotten bits of the city, road, pavement, sky and space.

Grace: We are accompanied by a guide to the current distance to Pluto, as it orbits our orbit of the Sun. Moving away and coming in close. Reminding us of a further outside to this outside space, another trajectory to our trajectory. Destabilising our sense of fixity in space, our position is continually in motion.

Grace: Now we are in the present together

Jo: Now we are in the present together.

Grace: We move on."

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