Grace Weir
A little bit of unknown
2007, HDV, 8’ 27”

A little bit of unknown is a short film consisting of a conversation between the artist and a physicist - Paul Tod from Oxford about black holes. Black holes are one of the last unanswered questions in physics. The film cuts during the questioning from the physicist’s study to the artist entering an observatory and setting a telescope in motion to look at the night sky. As blackness fills the screen the physicist concludes quoting “…the only elements in the construction of black holes are our basic concepts of space and time, they are thus, almost by definition, the most perfect objects there are in the universe.” The work shifts from a rational approach to knowledge to a reflection on the beauty of the unquantifiable.

Time Moves On by Janna Levin
Cherry Blossom Time by Francis McKee

Curated by Bridget Ashley-Miller and Hannah Redler, Science Museum Art Projects, London, 2007

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