Grace Weir
Around now
2001, two 16mm films, 5 minutes duration.

Around now
consists of an installation of two films showing simultaneously on specifically built opposing screens in the gallery. One film is a single unedited shot taken while flying 360˚ in a perfect circle around a cloud. The other film is of the opposite direction, out into the surrounding skyscape while flying around the same cloud. In projecting simultaneously the two films, opposite each other, a slippage occurs between both viewpoints, the space between the screens becomes the in-between, the ‘cut out’ path of the route taken, which we inhabit as viewers.

Cinema carries out a suspension of the world and ‘it is the suspension of the world rather than movement, which gives the visible to thought, not as its object, but as an act which is constantly arising and being revealed in thought’. Gilles Deleuze, Cinema 2

Commissioned by Patrick Murphy, National Pavilion of Ireland, 49th Venice Biennale
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