Grace Weir
2001, web project and installation

This work consisted of a 3D simulation of a Cloud, that was projected high up in a circular atrium of Storehouse in Dublin. Connected to the web, a viewer could interact with the work and control the orientation of the Cloud. A web camera was situated to show online viewers the direct interaction of them with the cloud, the direction and speed of the Cloud’s turning was dependant on each individual viewer. The Cloud turning could also be seen by viewers outside on the surrounding streets.

"Grace Weir's work frequently uses structures and strategies of circularity (as opposed to linearity) and, considered within the development of the history of perspective, examines propositions and ideas that investigate our understanding of time and space. Her installations in particular explore the idea of 'the middle' or the 'in-between' as a site of the real - a time of actualisation when something is occurring.  She is interested in the connection between the way we depict space and the way we behave in it."

Commisioned by Paul Murnaghan, 5th, Storehouse, Dublin
Digital design by Fever Interactive
Technical co-ordination, Kevin Kenny

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