Grace Weir
Déjà vu
2003, 16mm film transferred to DVD, 4 minutes

Déjà vu plays with complex ideas around time, in a film which references Einstein’s description of time as a river, occasionally broad and slow or narrow and fast. Two people are momentarily part of the same event but have different perceptions of it, in an ambiguous narrative that loops and confounds time, refusing the viewer any closure. The characters’ lack of connection is poignant, and the work speaks to an audience through a cinematic language that references brief encounters and missed opportunities as much it references theories of time and space. "The image no longer has space and movement as its primary characteristics but topology and time." Gilles Deleuze, Cinema 2 The Time Image.

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Installation at If only something else had happened, RHA Gallery, Dublin

Francis McKee,
Experimental Conversations
Graham Parker,
The shaggy dog in the river
Peter Ride,
Viewed from the side

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