Grace Weir

Web project and temporary seating area.

OneOnOneOnOne, is a project by Grace Weir, initiated during her Artist-in-Residence, in the School of Physics and Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin. Expanding on the form of the artists residency whereby the artist can explore access to people in other fields of study, OneOnOneOnOne allows for the wider engagement of others in this practice.

When you join online as a participant, you can browse talks offered by another participant. You can request a meeting with an individual who has posted a topic, by messaging on the website. The terms of how you meet are for each to decide. The suggested form is of a coffee or walk together. You can reciprocate a talk taken by offering to give a talk; this can be at a later stage, with a different participant.

OneOnOneOnOne proposes that people may wish to attain first hand knowledge outside their area of experience, that everyone has something to teach and that the reciprocal nature of a one-on-one conversation is of value in a learning situation. OneOnOneOnOne creates an alternative learning system by connecting individual learning desires with individual educators. It is an instrument by which a person can acquire knowledge and create new networks of reference.

Web design, David Walker
Web developer, Kingston Gasteen
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