Grace Weir
Script (2) Time-out with Albert
2009, HDV, 1 minutes 50 seconds

Script (2) Time-out with Albert, the artist picks out another word which remains unseen until she falls and is revealed as masked as Einstein having made the word 'brilliant'. Addressing the genre of slapstick, this work was prompted by the question "What would you teach a hero?", when considering Rancière's book, The Ignorant Schoolmaster, which describes the emancipatory education of Joseph Jacotot, who discovered that he could teach things that he himself did not know.

Script (2) Time-out with Albert is the second in a series of short films, showing the artist making words, relevant to the filmed activity or making reference to filmic terms. Shot where the artist works they take the form of filmic exercises of studio activity. The Script Series explores the textuality of the written word while considering issues pertaining to film's specificity.
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