Grace Weir
Script (5) Whiteout
2010, HDV, 2 minutes 30 seconds

In Script (5) Whiteout, a winter scene is depicted as the artist walks from her studio to a snow covered platform. Standing on the platform and shown as a sequence of slow dissolves, the artist writes the words ‘slow dissolve’ with a stick in the snow. The scene cuts to a micro close-up of the edge of a letter, to where the crystalline nature of the snow can be seen to be slowly dissolving.

Script (5) Whiteout is the fourth in a series of short films, showing the artist making words, relevant to the filmed activity or making reference to filmic terms. Shot where the artist works they take the form of filmic exercises of studio activity. The Script series explores the textuality of the written word while considering issues pertaining to film's specificity.
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