Grace Weir
If A then B
2011, HDV, 15’20”

Working in collaboration with Ana Cristina Quelhas and Csongor Juhos, Professors in Cognitive Psychology from ISPA, in Lisbon Portugal, the documentative film If A then B examines the psychologists research into 'intentionality'. Set within a classroom, this research project was based on experiments that compare reasons and causes for actions.

In If A, then B, the psychology group consider 'intentionality', by examining short scripts of potential scenarios. Documenting the students awareness of the camera’s presence, the film echoes their process through exposing the artist's own intentionality when filming, making explicit the framing of shots and the use of cuts in editing. The film reflects further on the scripted scenarios by developing a sense of a possible fiction being created.

Part of the installation If only something else had happened, commissioned by Patrick Murphy for Apertures & Anxieties, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.
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